New  Pallets

Everything you ever wanted to know about new pallets and more!

A New Pallet Primer

New pallets can be built in almost any size and specification.  Although, they are typically made of wood new pallets can also be built with other materials such as plastic, paper, metal and recycled materials.

If you are looking to purchase new pallets it is important to look for a vendor that has high quality standards, both in their construction methods as well as the material used.

New pallets used for international shipments are often heat treated.  Heat treated pallets meet the IPPC ISPM-15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) No. 15) standard.  This regulation stops the spread and/or introduction of insects and pests that may be hiding in pallets or other wooden shipping products.

Why buy New Pallets?

There are many reasons to use new pallets over recycled, used or remanufactured pallets.  New pallets will last longer are more durable, and you can be assured of the quality and specifications used to build the pallet.  For these reason new pallets also tend to be safer than other pallets.   A new pallet is a good choice for heavier loads or expensive loads since older pallets will have a higher failure rate.

How New Pallets are  Made

Modern day pallets are often designed and built with software tools such as a Pallet Design System (PDS) or PalDraw to allow manufacturers to build pallets to the exact size and specification that customers want. If you have exact size, weight, quantity or cost requirements for your pallets, a manufacturer of new pallets can likely save you time and guarantee the quantity of pallets you need.
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Factors affecting Quality

There are many factors affecting the overall quality of a pallets such as:

material used wood type, plastic, metal, other
Build Process
Experience and Sill
Fasteners and adhesives used
Thickness of wood used

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Plastic Pallets

heat pallet

Heat Treated Pallets

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Recycled Pallets

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