Pallet  Services


Heat Treated Pallets

Pallets can are heat treated to kill pests and insects that might be contained or hiding within the pallet.  For international shipments Pallets must meet ISPM 15 standards.  Goods shipped within Canada or from Canada to the USA are exempt from this regulation.

Pallet  Removal & Pallet Pickups

If you need pallets removal services for your business there are a number of factors you should look at.  These factors include:

Pallet Quantity:

Make sure you choose a company that can handle both small numbers of pallets and larger quantities as well. Some companies will have a minimum number of pallets before they will schedule a pickup while others won’t be able to handle larger quantities.


Do you need local service or national coverage.  A local supplier may be able to pickup from one location but not deliver to a distant location.  A Pallet company with Provincial or better yet National coverage will generally be able to handle your removal regardless of where it is being picked up from and where it is going.

Proper Recycling Methods:

It is important to choose a pallet company that is familiar and certified  in the proper way to recycle pallets.  Not only is it good for the environment, you can rest assured that less scrap wood ends up in a landfill.  And if your pallets are in reasonable good condition you can even make some money from them by selling them back to a responsible pallet recycler that can refurbish them and sell them on the used market.

If being environmentally  conscious is important to you, look for pallet companies that are also affiliated with charities such as Tree Canada and other environmental causes.

Pallet Management:

Having a proper pallet management system ensures your pallet removal happens on time and in an orderly and clean manner.   A proper pallet management system also will usually have a feedback system so you can them with feedback on the job they are doing. This helps them continually improve and helps ensure prompt, professional and exemplary service.

A good pallet management system will also allow you to schedule daily, weekly or monthly pickups and have a well organized and easy to use billing system.

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Custom Made Pallets

If you have specific requirements for your pallets, some companies may be able to build a pallet that matches the exact dimensions you need.  This can help you reduce shipping costs, and increase the security and stability of your shipment.

If you have valuable or fragile products you need to ship a custom made wooden crate may be what you need.  Not only will a crate provide better protection for your goods, but you can generally specify the exact dimensions of crate your need.

It is also usually a good idea to make sure your crates are ISPM-15 certified.

Pallet Removal

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Plastic Pallets

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Heat Treated Pallets

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Recycled Pallets

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