Recycled Pallets

Using recycled or used pallets can be a great way to save money as they are typically a lot cheaper than new pallets.  Buyers should be extra vigilant when buying recycled/used pallets though.   A good recycler will thoroughly inspect and repair any recycled pallets that they sell.  There are several grades of recycled pallets:

Grade 1 Recycled Pallets

A grade 1 pallet has been repaired so that it is close to the condition of a new pallet. If there are any broken stringers they are replaced with metal plates. Cracked, splintered or otherwise damaged deck board are also replaced with new ones. A grade 1 pallet is structurally strong and provides an excellent value if you want a pallet that will last a long time. Grade 1 pallets will have had very few repairs and is close to brand new condition.

Grade 2 Recycled Pallets

A “Grade 2” recycled pallet is a pallet where damaged stringer are repaired by affixing a companion stringer to the damaged one.   ( also called a block stringer or double stringer )  If there are 2 or less repaired stringers this can be considered a grade “B” pallet.  Furthermore,  the boards that make up the deck on a grade B pallet may not be consistent because they have had numerous repairs.
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Why buy Recycled Pallets?

Recycled or refurbished pallets are often very close in quality and craftsmanship to a ne pallet but can be offered at a significant cost savings.  Because pallets undergo so much wear and tear in their everyday use, the cost savings can be significant.  Recycled pallets are also an eco-conscious choice since you will be diverting good lumber from landfills.  By re-using the good parts of pallets you can feel good about saving trees and making a positive impact on the environment.

How RECYCLED Pallets are  Made

Recycled pallets are usually made from existing pallets that are in need of repair.   Damaged pallets can have many issues and the goal is to get the pallets close to their original condition.  Although, a recycled pallets will likely have a reduced structural integrity, an experienced pallet company will be able to bring it very close to its original load bearing ability. New wood and parts  should be used whenever possible on the reconditioned pallet.
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Recycled Pallets

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